Founded in 1964, Track Mar is one of the oldest companies of this sector

At present, we are installed in a modern plant of 9,000 m2 of land with more than 2,500 m2 of roofed surface and 700 m2 of offices. Trackmar has become an integral company in the field of construction machines. We commercialize:
  • New Construction Machines, such as shovel loaders, motor graders, excavators, road rollers, and backhoes. We are exclusive distributors in Argentina of the brands:
    • SINOMACH® from China
    • Link Belt® Excavators, from Japan
    • Eurocomach®, from Italy
    • Davino®, from Italy
    • Ammann® from Switzerland
  • Used Construction Machines in perfect state of preservation, repaired in our repair shops.
  • Rental, all around the country, on weekly and monthly basis.
  • Spare parts for Caterpillar machines; one of the biggest stocks in our country with more than 160,000 parts available.
  • Running gears (caterpillar), Filters, cutting tools: for all machines and models.
  • Accessories: Batteries, oils and lubricants, buckets, tires, hydraulic hammers.
  • Repair shops: of mechanics in general and caterpillars.
  • 27 branches (from Jujuy to Rio Gallegos) – Our commercial network does not stop growing.
  • On-line quotes, delivery within the day.
We have a young and expert administration which, together with the cutting-edge technology, makes of Track Mar an agile and experienced company that provides quality work.

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Our history

  • 1964

    Trackmar SACI was born in 1964. It was founded by Hugo Starosta when he was 23 and rented a small store with an employee. He dedicated himself to the sale of ball bearings, buying them locally and selling it in public bids for the government.
  • 1968

    He starts selling spare parts for the construction machines’ engines.
  • 1970

    He starts importing spare parts for DIESEL ENGINES from the United States (Caterpillar® and G.M®). He moved to the zone of Warnes, and acquired a store of 200 m2.
  • 1983

    He becomes the exclusive distributor in Argentina of the company BERCO®, from Italy. It is the biggest manufacturer in the world of CATERPILLARS for construction machines (for brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Fiat). He acquired a 300 m2 storehouse to stock such material.
  • 1989

    The company moves to the neighborhood of San Cristóbal so as to gather all the activities in an only place. A 700 m2 storehouse is acquired. The company is composed of 8 people.
  • 1990

    A caterpillar repair shop is opened in San Martín, with 5 workers.
  • 1992

    The second generation is incorporated to the company (Diego Starosta). The manufacture of caterpillars for combine harvesters starts. They are unique in our country.
  • 1995

    TRACKMAR is composed of 13 people. The importation of SPARE PARTS FOR CATERPILLAR® MACHINES starts, including spare parts for transmissions, engines, conversers, final drive gear, hydraulics, etc. , with a huge investment in stock. Agreements are signed for exclusive distribution/ franchising with companies from Salta, Chaco, Rosario, Mendoza and Comodoro Rivadavia.
  • 1997

    The company started importing USED MACHINES of the brand Caterpillar® from Europe and the United States. A repair shop is mounted in San Martín with a team of 5 new mechanics for the repair of those machines so as to sell them reconditioned. 30 machines were sold during the first year, 50 the second and 80 the third. The in the year 2000 the government banned the importation of used construction machines.
  • 1998

    We moved to Panamericana km 33; gathering two locations. This new location consists of 5,000 m of land, 1.000 m of storehouse and 300 m of offices. All the exclusive distribution agreements are terminated and 6 BRANCHES ARE OPENED in Salta, Resistencia, Córdoba, Mendoza, Neuquén and Comodoro Rivadavia. The company is composed of 50 people.
  • 2002

    Big economic crisis in the country, none of the branches is closed.
  • 2005

  • 2008

    We started importing NEW MACHINES and made an agreement for the distribution of the brand OOK® from China.
  • 2009

    5 NEW BRANCHES ARE OPENED: Posadas, Rosario, Olavarria, Chivilcoy and Río Gallegos. Construction of a NEW HEADQUARTER. A plot of land of 9,000 m on the Panamericana Road, Km. 31,5 is acquired to construct 2,500 m of storehouses and 700 m of offices. The company is composed of 60 people. Hugo Starosta, the company’s founder, retires.
  • 2010

    EXPANSION OF THE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: batteries, tires, buckets, hydraulic hammers, oils and lubricants. An agreement is signed with Petrobras for the distribution of products all around the country. TWO NEW BRANCHES WERE OPENED: Tucumán and Avellaneda.
  • 2011

    An agreement was signed for the exclusive distribution in our country of EXCAVATORS of the brand LINK-BELT, from the United States, was signed. This is a prestigious international brand. 6 NEW BRANCHES WERE OPENED: Jujuy, San Juan, Paraná, Trelew, Bahia Blanca and Santiago del Estero.
  • 2012

    An agreement of exclusive distribution was signed with the company CUKUROVA®, from Turkey, a manufacturer of backhoes. In addition, an agreement of exclusive distribution was signed with the company MB from Italy, a manufacturer of crushing buckets, as well as an agreement of exclusive distribution with D’Avino, a manufacturer of concrete trucks from Italy. The company is composed by 90 persons.
  • 2013

    An agreement was signed for the exclusive distribution in our country of the skid loaders EUROCOMACH from Italy, as well as distribution agreement with the company BRIDGESTONE, a prestigious brand of tires.
  • 2014

    Large Range of Products: Cummins Engine parts, Auto parts HYUNDAI Excavators and Doosan. Distribution Agreement for sale of lubricating oils and TOTAL. Certification ISO 9001 Quality Sales and Logistics.
  • 2015

    Distribution Agreement nationwide with APACHE ® Company, manufacturer of agricultural tractors.Exclusive distribution agreement with the company 's country of Mexico GIGONSA® maker AK fuel purifiers brand.Exclusive distribution agreement with the company CSF Italy , manufacturer of MULTIONE Articulated Loaders Mini . Exclusive distribution agreement with the company Itallia LIGHT TOWER , Light towers manufacturer exclusive distribution agreement with the company VENIERI Italy , manufacturer of Retro spades.
  • 2016

    Distribution Agreement nationwide with AMMANN® Company, swiss manufacturer of brivatin rammer, plates, rollers and compactors.
  • 2017

    Distribution Agreement with Sinomach ® from China, manufacturer of a full line of machinery.
  • 2018

    A new exclusive Agreement is signed with Federal Mogul ®, from USA, for the exlusive sale of motors´ spare parts. Six new branches are opened: La Plata, Formosa, San Rafael, Bariloche, Mar del Plata , Eldorado, Santa Rosa. The rental division is created with an investment of 25 machines to that effect.
  • 2019

    Nationwide Distribution Agreement wiht YANMAR ®, from Japón. Minicargadoras.
FUTURE: To continue with the view oriented to the market and focused on the demands of customers.

They trust us

Our customers are our greatest pride, we strive and work constantly to keep up with them and meet the demands they require.


Solidarity collaboration

Track Mar sponsors the rural school N* 263 from Colonia Lalelay, in Chaco, and N* 231, from San Gotardo, Misiones.

We gave them computers, books, TVs, air conditioned, notebooks, pencils, stationery, tables, chairs, clothing, etc.

With this support, we intend to offer to the children of our country a better education and hope for the future.